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Avoid BK Joe

BK Joe - source: eBay Guides
BK Joe
Source: eBay Guides

A quick psa for those who might be considering a trip to Burger King in the morning hours. I had already passed the local Starbucks and was heading quickly toward the interstate and then on to the office. After the Starbucks, but before I hit the highway, I convinced myself that I wanted a cup of coffee. The only option in the very near area was a Burger King. So I stopped in and ordered a large BK Joe.

Wow! This is bad coffee!

Fair warning folks, don’t ever do the same as I did. BK Joe is some of the worst coffee I have ever had; even McDonalds coffee is better. Thin, watery, light-bodied, over-extracted, bitter, uninspiring, and uninspired.

They are trying to sell this coffee as something the average, everyday guy would want to drink before he went off to the job site and a day of hard labor. It’s supposed to be ‘coffee flavored coffee,’ not that Starbucks “frou-frou stuff.”

At least the so-called ‘frou-frou’ stuff has some flavor. If hard-working guys wanted to drink some water before they went to work, they could get it for free from the tap. If you are the kind of person who scrimps on grounds, so you just get some brown color, brews your pot of coffee on Monday morning and then re-heats the left-overs in the microwave until Friday, you’ll probably enjoy BK Joe. If you want some actual coffee, however, you should avoid BK Joe at all costs.