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Americansolutions.com delivers 1.3 million signatures demanding that Congress “drill now”

I signed this petition and noticed two things specifically about the video that American Solutions put up on their website (see below).

  1. John Cornyn’s remark, recognizing that American Solutions is doing “what every citizen of America has a right to do, and that is to petition their government. To petition for change.”
  2. There was no sign — NO SIGN — of either Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. 1.3 MILLION people sign a petition urging the Congress do something about the high cost of fuel and Nancy and Harry couldn’t be bothered to listen. Is this what Reid and Pelosi consider “representative government”?

Here’s the video and SHAME on Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for ignoring 1.3 million Americans!

To be honest, however, I guess it’s not really any surprise that Pelosi and Reid are ignoring the will of the American people. After all, their candidate for president is actually trying to convince us that $4 gas is a good thing.