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Breitbart.tv debunks the View’s hit on Glenn Beck

Interesting clip on Breitbart.tv that debunks Whoopi and Barbara’s entire, obnoxious, 7-minute long screed against Glenn Beck on the View a few weeks back.

It seems that on each and every point that Whoopi and Barbara brought up — several times calling Beck a liar, a “steaming sack of dog mess,” saying that Barbara called Glenn over, arguing that they did not ask for special treatment, etc. — they were wrong (or at least fudging the truth).

The most amusing thing about this was Barbara’s repeated inferences on the View that Beck was somehow lax in his duties because he did not “check his facts.” She sat there on her show, imperiously looking down her nose at Beck and attacking him as somewhat less than a “journalist” when the whole time she knew that her story was, in fact, in need of fact checking.