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Greenpeace Exec Director admits they lied about ice sheets

Just like previous extremists before him, when hit with basic scientific facts, Gerd Leipold is left sputtering out lies that his arguments are “wise and rational.” When pushed, he has to admit that his group is a “pressure group” (not primarily an environmental group) that unashamedly “emotionalizes” issues to gain attention. He then has to admit his organization’s predictions are mistaken.

Of course, he tries to cover by passing the buck; “he doesn’t check the text of every press release they send out”. Brave leader, strong and true.

Even the briefest of looks into Greenpeace’s tactics will reveal that they have long ago moved past any serious concern for the environment and are now a multi-billion dollar multi-national corporation. Their primary interest is bringing in the membership dollars and they’ll use whatever means they need to do just that. Hyperbolic and incendiary tactics, “pressure group” tactics, widely publicizing “mistakes” — most people would call them lies & deception — like this claim that we’ll have ice free summers in the arctic by 2030 … whatever it takes to frighten people into sending in their donation dollars.

Via the Heritage Foundation blog.