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71% vote for Prop C & against Obamacare

Missouri’s Proposition C passed yesterday with over 71% voting in favor of the ballot measure. This was the first chance that voters had to openly state an opinion on the recently passed Democrat health care measure and it did not go well for supporters of socialized health care.

Missouri voters dealt Obamacare a significant setback yesterday, approving a statewide ballot measure by an overwhelming 71 percent.

The vote was the first time citizens had an opportunity to cast a ballot on the unpopular healthcare law. Missouri’s measure prohibits the federal government from enforcing the individual mandate to buy health insurance. The victory sends a strong message about Obamacare in a bellwether state.

Now we just need to wait for the inevitable Obama/Holder lawsuit/attack on the voters of Missouri.

More information on Prop C is available here.

The Missouri Health Care Freedom, Proposition C was on the August 3, 2010 statewide ballot in Missouri as an legislatively-referred state statute, where it was approved Approved. The proposed measure aimed to block the federal government from requiring people to buy health insurance and banned punishment for those without health insurance.